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Induction machines
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JEUMONT Electric has developed a new range of machines as a response to increasing market demand.  
Allying experience and powerful means of calculation, Jeumont Electric has defined an optimized range with both excellent mechanical and electrical performances.    
At the same time, a complete review of the process enabled to improve costs and lead times.
The new range presents following merits :
  • complete modularity of the range
  • robustness and simplicity
  • reliability and low maintenance
  • energy efficiency
The range of machines is as follows :
  • Power : 1 to 25 MW
  • Axis heights : 500 to 1120 mm
  • Voltage : 6 to 15 kV
  • Polarity : 2 to 30 poles
  • Construction : horizontal or vertical
Applications of the new range
The main applications are industrial drive systems (compressors, fans, pumps, grinders, mixers, ...), energy production (renewable energy), marine propulsion motors,...  
Nuclear applications  
JEUMONT Electric has gained worldwide renown for the reliability of its equipment in particularly demanding applications. In particular, the resin used in the stator coils insulation has demonstrated an excellent durability (Over 30 years) under voltage and atomic radiation  
JEUMONT Electric is the reference manufacturer for all the motors in the RCP motor sets manufactured by AREVA for nuclear power plants in France and abroad. It is qualified by the USA safety authorities and has been supplying replacement equipment to American power plants for over ten years.  
JEUMONT Electric’s products offer great flexibility for use and interfacing with all types of Gas Turbine or Steam Turbine on the market (GE, NP, RR, P&W, Siemens, Alstom, …) or with diesel engines (MTU, MAN, Wartsilä, …).  
VR MASTER - JEUMONT Electric can supply its machines separately or as part of a package including gear box and noise-proof housing. Our machines are air-cooled with water or air cooled heat exchangers.  
Electronics of the automatic voltage regulation (AVR) system  
digital voltage regulator designed by Jeumont (JIREN) and selected by EDF for the renovation of its nuclear power plants  
voltage regulator adapted to the customer’s needs (for example equipment supplied by BASLER or GE (EX2000))    
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