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VR MASTER automation system solutions are utilized for the entire process in the cement industries in South East Asia.

VR MASTER drive and automation systems solution comprises Process Controllers, Programmable Logic Controllers with intelligent I/O and HMI software. In addition, a comprehensive and complementary range of LV/MV AC and DC Drives, LV/MV AC and DC Motors are part of our package. All our products are available with a variety of open fieldbus interfaces for connectivity and networking.

Remote I/O capabilities enable connectivity with distant Crushing and Packing Sections, among others, through fiber optic cables, thus saving on control/signal cable costs. The modular architecture and Hot Swap design of our systems make it possible to replace I/O modules on the fly, without unnecessary downtime. Advance Control function library allows an easy
implementation of precise closed loop control, making for better optimization, tighter integration and faster process stabilization.

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DC Drives
We can offer a world class digital DC Drives with exciting features utilizing the best technologies. Backed by high quality of engineering support and service, it is the most powerful and reliable DC drive. Avaliable in rating as high as 4000A in single converter or higher in 12 pulse configuration, it is widely used in applications like Kiln and Roller Press.

AC Drives

LV or MV AC drives from VR MASTER are rugged, reliable and easily adaptable to a variety of applications like Fan, Pump, Compressor, Conveyor and many more. Available up to 100MW, our drives also includes an automatic energy saving feature, which optimizes the motor flux as a function of motor load and speed to enhanced performance and substantial energy saving to the end users.
In a capital intensive industry such as cement manufacturing, companies need to maximize the utilization of fixed assets.

provides the solutions to modernize operations and build effective Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Designed with key industry drivers in mind, such as process optimization, our applications can reduce operating costs and minimize waste as well as help companies comply with more stringent environmental regulations.

Process Controller
In today demanding automation market, no single architecture meets all requirements for costeffective performance the way VR MASTER control system does. Our controllers are ideal for applications calling for redundancies, large I/O count and third party connectivity. Our solutions are configurable from a centralized process controller with plant wide remotely distributed I/O stations to peer-to-peer configurations, networking and integration of fieldbus I/O data.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Our Windows based Proficy HMI/SCADA , offers event based operation and is ideally suited to applications requiring optimized response times. It is a solid and reliable.Client/Server based solution that gives you the power and security to precisely monitor and control every aspect of your operating environment, equipment and resources. It will help you respond more quickly to equipment operation issues, reduce waste and improve quality with better time-to-market and profitability.
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