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SIMATIC ET 200S is the multifunctional, highly modular I/Osystem with IP20 degree of protection that can be exactly tailored to the automation task.

Interface modules with integrated CPU and PROFINET/ PROFIBUS connection are available – both in standard and safety-oriented designs. The bit-modular ET 200S offers a comprehensive module range, it comprises power modules, digital or analog input and output modules, technology modules, an IO-Link Master as well as motor starters, frequency converters or a pneumatic interface. Thanks to its rugged construction, the ET 200S can also be used under conditions of high mechanical stress.

For cramped space conditions there is the ET 200S COMPACT a small block I/O which can be expanded. The ET 200S is also available in SIPLUS variants for extended temperature range.  

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Area of application    
The wide range of modules makes the ET 200S the ideal I/O system for applications in nearly every industry, especially when a bit modular design and a great variety of functions is required.

With powerful internal data transport capabilities and isochronous mode operation, the ET 200S is also eminently suitable for time-critical applications.

          Integrated CPU functionality
          Especially high savings in wiring
          Low space requirements in the control cabinet
          COMPACT-Version available
          High availability due to permanent wiring
          Bit-modular design
          Wide range of modules
          Integrated safety oriented design
          Integrated channel-specific diagnostics
          Use in hazardous areas (Zone 2)
          Frequency converters and Motor starters available also as failsafe devices
          Option handling saving configuration efforts
          Exchange of modules during operation (Hot Swapping)
Design and functions    

Due to the separation of mechanics and electronics, permanent wiring is possible, i.e. the station can be prewired before installation or start-up. Prewiring can therefore be inspected without the electronics modules which prevents damage to sensitive components. The start-up time is therefore reduced. The modules can also be replaced in the event of a fault without time-consuming rewiring.

          63 I/O modules can be plugged in depending on the interface module
          The maximum permissible width of an ET 200S station is 2 m depending on the interface module The insulation displacement method Fast Connect offers even more benefits for installationof the electronic and power modules.With this new method, the standard conductor crosssections from 0.34 mm² to1.5 mm² can be connected without stripping or crimping.Simple and safe installation with a screwdriver reduces error ratio during installation..

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