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GT3000 Large
The GT3000 Large drive, designed with air and water-cooling at 690 V increasing
the power of the GT3000 up to 6 MW.

The GT3000 Large uses the same keypad, PC S/W to set the configuration and the same control and serial communication boards as the Answer Drives GT3000 family.

The easy installation and maintenance contributes to the success of the GT3000 Large in complex applications.
       GT3000 Large
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There are two mechanical versions of GT3000 Large with 3 or 4 independent legs:

  • 3 legs, all the same, with IGBT modules, driver board, current transducer and filter capacitors bank
  • 1 leg with semi-controlled input bridge at 6, 12, 18 impulses and precharge resistor.
Each leg is fitted with wheels, so that it can easily be pulled out and put back in the cabinet for maintenance purposes.

The advance SW-PC is a simple means to programme, start-up and maintain the GT3000 Large. It offers advanced performances such as inverter operating data graphics giving added value to the system and providing all the information necessary for easy fault-finding and maintenance.

The GT3000 Large provides all the functions that are specifically useful to find out the general status of the equipment and to understand the causes of the alarm or protection condition:

          1. Fault/Alarm log: real-time memorisation of the last 30 protections/alarms.
          2. Trace log: the events relating to a protection are recorded in a cyclic memory that is constantly               updated as it is running.  The log can contain data relating to 10 variables and 260 samples.  


The GT3000 Large envisages a hinged control panel to facilitate access to the control connections and the power section to connect the I/O busbars.
The DC Bus version has connections on both sides to facilitate connection to other components of the electrical switchboard.

The GT3000 Large is equipped with a series of accessories for easy installation in the electrical switchboard such as the duct for the correct airflow between the module and the associated fan.  The 6/12/18 pulse AC version envisages an internal I/P bridge and precharge resistor (four legs) with a consequent reduction of the installation times and dimensions of the electrical switchboard.

The GT3000 Large is available in two versions:

           with forced air-cooling 
           with closed circuit water-cooling. 
The water-cooled version offers the following advantages:

           low noise: no fans, therefore no need for acoustic insulation 
           high protection degree (useful for dusty or wet environments)
           smaller size at the same power 
           the heat is conveyed out of the switchboard and the premises: there is no need for any              conditioning 
           the heated cooling water can be used as a free source of heat for "process heat", heating or              industrial   water.

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