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The GT5000 family is based on the SYSTEM© control platform whose advanced architecture has been designed according to the latest technological standards and thanks to which it helps the motor control functions (e.g. flying shears, references cascade, loop and tension controls, impact drop compensation and so on) to be easily integrated with the specific software libraries that control industrial processes and with functions that can be customised through PLC software in compliance with IEC-61131-3 standard.

The modular and open system allows supplying solutions for stand-alone applications (motor drive control and operating machines) both for plant engineering applications, with the possibility of easily integrating the drives within the existing automation system.

The GT5000 series drives have real-time interfaces based on Ethernet, or more traditional field buses, that allow various communication types to be integrated at the same time and in the same unit.  Both slave interfaces (to guarantee high integration within a plant network) as well as master interfaces (for I/O remote connection), thereby permitting a reduction in the complexity and connection costs.
New generation DSP and reconfigurable FPGA are essential hardware elements for a compact and powerful solution that is able to meet the most exacting plant engineering requirements.
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             2 control algorithms: vector control (with encoder) or scalar with Sensorless performances                (vector V/f)
             self-tuning of internal PID regulators 
             automatic motor parameter identification
             energy saving function 
             flying start for powering into a spinnning motor in both directions of rotation
             kinetic recover for network failures 
             current and frequency limits 
             keypad with graphics display that facilitates use and configuration 
             optional expansion boards for communication and I/O 
             programming interface in Windows O/S for configuration,  monitoring and fault-finding directly                from PC

             1 Ethernet 10/100 Mbps port (Modbus TCP)
             3 RS232/485 asynchronous serial ports (ANSI+Modbus RTU+diagnostic)
             1 dedicated serial port for wireless link of Anybus interface
             1 CAN (CAN Open or Device Net)
             1 Profibus DP V2 Slave
             1 USB host controller
             2 SPI peripheral serial interface (synchronous bus)
             1 SCI peripheral serial interface (asynchronous bus)
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