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WinCC flexible – Engineering software
STEP 7-Micro/WIN for S7-200
Highest configuration efficiency STEP 7 Basic
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WinCC flexible is designed on a non-industry specific basis and it offers Engineering Software for SIMATIC HMI operator control and monitoring devices from the smallest Micro Panel up to PCs . You can transfer projects to different HMI platforms and run them there without needing to convert the projects.
SIMATIC WinCC flexible is available on a graduated price and performance basis, that can be tailored to your specific operator control and monitoring devices in an optimum way.
Upward compatibility is always ensured within the WinCC flexible offering. You can upgrade your version by purchasing power packs.

       HMI System SIMATIC WinCC flexible
WinCC flexible Engineering Software
WinCC flexible Runtime Software
WinCC flexible Options
SIMATIC WinCC flexible Micro        SCADA System SIMATIC WinCC
            Micro Panels: TP 170micro, TP177micro, OP 73micro SIMATIC WinCC
SIMATIC WinCC flexible Compact WinCC Options
            Like WinCC flexible Micro and additional
            Panels series 70: OP 73, OP 77A/B
            Panels series 170: TP/OP170, TP 177A, TP/OP 177B
            Mobile Panel 170, Mobile Panel 177
            Basic Panels KTP 1000, TP 1500
            C7 devices: C7-635, C7-636
WinCC Add-ons
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SIMATIC WinCC flexible Standard
            Like WinCC flexible Compact and additional
            Mobile Panel 277
            Panels series 270: TP/OP 270, TP/OP 277
            Multi Panels series 170/270/370: MP 177, MP 270B, MP 277, MP 370, MP 377
SIMATIC WinCC flexible Advanced
            Like WinCC flexible Standard and additional
            Panel PCs and Standard PCs
The WinCC flexible engineering software is based on the latest software technologies and it offers in addition to a simple user interface the configuring engineers
            Libraries with ready-made objects and reusable screen blocks    
            Intelligent tools to easily create projects, for graphic configuring of a screen hierarchy and    
              of motion paths, as well as for configuring bulk data    
            Support for multilingual configurations with automated text-translation    
WinCC flexible – Runtime Software  
Operator control and monitoring close to the machine    

With SIMATIC HMI operator control and monitoring devices, the runtime software is on-board and, depending on the equipments hardware, this gives you different HMI functionality and performance profiles. The runtime functionality can be expanded using options. Some of the options are only available for Panels of a specific class and above, others are integrated to a certain extent.

As an independant software product SIMATIC WinCC flexible Runtime offers all the options needed for PC based HMI:

Functionality of basic Runtime Software

            User administration and access protection
            Windows-compliant user interface with language support
            Process presentations with vector graphics, I/O fields, bar
            charts, trend displays etc.
            Alarm logging system with open alarm classes, acknowledgment
            and archiving
            Reporting system (shift, batch and alarm logs)
            Visual Basic Script for user functions
Functionality of Runtime options

            Logging of alarms and process values
            Recipe management
            Smart-Client-/Server concepts
            Service and diagnostics over the Internet
            Reporting and tracing of operator actions
            Process diagnostics
 Due to the individually traceable system functionality, with WinCC flexible you only pay for exactly the functionality that you require for performing the current HMI task. The grading of systems according to the number of required PowerTags (128, 512, 2048 or 4096) results in particularly attractive entry-level prices. You can, moreover, extend the runtime functionality flexibly at any time by means of Visual Basic scripts. VBScript is a component of the WinCC flexible engineering software.    
SIMATIC WinCC flexible Options  
Individual expansions of the basic software at a glance  
You can obtain individual functional or vertical market extensions to the engineering and runtime software in the form of WinCC flexible options.
Engineering Options

WinCC flexible/ChangeControl

Assuming that you are using WinCC flexible Advanced, you can use the WinCC flexible/ChangeControl option to version-manage configuration data and to track changes in configurations
 Runtime Options

WinCC flexible/Archives

Process value and message archiving using WinCC flexible/Archives is for acquiring and processing process data from an industrial plant/machine. In this context, you can document the course of the process; check the rate of utilization or quality of production; or verify repeated error status conditions
WinCC flexible/Recipes

The WinCC flexible/Recipes option is for managing data records that contain connected machine or production data.especially in the context of batch-oriented production in the food or plastics industries.
WinCC flexible/Audit

In operation, the system records all relevant changes to tags and any operator actions in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as Audit Trails and saves them to a CSV file. You can provide additional prompts for an electronic signature and a commentary in the case of operator actions.

SIMATIC Logon offers a central, cross-plant user management, integrated in Windows User management providing various security mechanisms on administrator and user level.
WinCC flexible/SmartAccess

The WinCC flexible/SmartAccess option makes available simple client/server mechanisms thus building the basis for innovative concepts in HMI and automation tasks.
            Local operator stations with plant-wide access to variables    
            Local control room solutions with options for central archiving, analysis and further-    
              processing of process data
WinCC flexible/SmartService

You can use the WinCC flexible/SmartService option for remote control, diagnostics and maintenance concepts.
            Remote control of an on-site station across the Internet incl. service and maintenance    
              functions (downloading projects, downloading/uploading recipes)    
            Diagnosing operator stations using ready-made diagnostic functions.
 WinCC flexible/OPC-Server

Using the SIMATIC WinCC flexible/OPC-Server option, you can can communicate with any OPC-capable application across an Ethernet.
 WinCC flexible/ProAgent

SIMATIC WinCC flexible/ProAgent enables precise process diagnostics for machines and plants thanks to complete integration in the world of SIMATIC process diagnostics.
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