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Low-Voltage Inverters
       SINAMICS G110 chassis units
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       Chassis units SINAMICS G130
       Cabinet units SINAMICS G150
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       Basic servo drive SINAMICS S110
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       Cabinet units SINAMICS S150
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Our frequency inverters combine the highest technical quality with versatile functionality: from the basic MICROMASTER 420 to the high-performance MICROMASTER 440 with sensorless vector control and a power range up to 250 kW (300 HP). Each individual member of our MICROMASTER family is characterized by its exceptionally simple handling: from installation and commissioning to operator control. Later adaptation to new requirements is simplicity itself.  
Each frequency inverter belonging to the family allows flexible circuit connection of inputs and outputs for optimum link-up of a broad variety of digital and analog signals. With its default factory settings, it is immediately ready for use.    
MICROMASTER 440 0.12 to 250 kW / 0.16 to 350 HP
The all-rounder
MICROMASTER 430 7.5 to 250 kW / 10 to 350 HP
The specialist for pumps and fans
MICROMASTER 420 0.12 to 11 kW / 0.16 to 15 HP
The universal inverter
MICROMASTER 410 0.12 to 0.75 kW / 0.16 to 1.0 HP
The low-price solution
Part of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)  
All standard Siemens drives with the PROFIBUS option are integrated in TIA. On the basis of TIA’s three-pronged universality with regard to communication, configuration and data management, our drive systems perform automation tasks smoothly and efficiently, with an energy-saving potential of up to 30 %.  
Safe Operation – All over the World  
All the important protection and overload functions are already standard features of our inverters. And the requirements of the EU low-voltage directive are met by all the devices in the MICROMASTER family. They have the CE label, as well as both UL and CUL certification. So the MICROMASTER family has just about everything.    
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