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Standard Motors up to Frame Size 315
IEC Motors
More power and higher cost-effectiveness - with outstanding reliability    

More power with the same frame size – this is our concept for our low-voltage three-phase motors.
N-compact is a motor series that has a lot going for it.

The power rating of these motors above DIN 42673 is extremely progressive and lies significantly above the power rating of the previous series – with unchanged frame size.
Non-standard Motors Frame Size 315 and Above
H-compact in low-voltage version
H-compact PLUS in low-voltage version
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The power rating has been increased by 60% in the surface-cooled version (t.e.f.c.) and another 30% for the open-circuit ventilated versions – and all of this means:
The drive power has been doubled.

N-compact - Customer benefits  

Optimum efficiency and therefore lower operating costs.    
  High power density and compact design result in a lower space requirement and lower weight.
  The gray caste iron frame and the bearing endshields are torsionally stiff and rugged. This means that they can be subject to extreme loads, vibration is significantly dampened and they are resistant to corrosion.
  The bearings are designed for the highest degree of reliability. In turn, this results in excellent vibrational behavior, longer lifetime and lower service & maintenance costs.
  The DURIGNIT IR 2000 insulation system with VPI or current UV impregnation guarantees a high degree of reliability, a long lifetime and a high load capability e.g. when accelerating or under overload conditions.
  The noise level is low therefore complying with the high demands of safety at work legislation.
N-compact - Technical data overview  
Brief overview  
Water-cooled motors:
800-1150 kW
Force-ventilated motors:
200-1000 kW
Self-ventilated motors: 200-1150 kW
Shaft heights: 315, 355, 400, 450 mm
No. of poles: 2-8
Rated voltages: 400V ∆ / 690 V Y, 500 ∆, 690 V ∆
Drive converters: Line supply and drive converter
Degree of protection: IP 55, IP 23
Cooling type: IC 411, IC 416, IC01, IC 71 W
Type of construction: IM B3, IM B 35, IM V1
Bearings: Roller bearings
Regulations/Standards: IEC, EN
N-compact - typical applications:  
          Conveyor systems

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