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The SIMATIC S7-200 Micro PLC is in a class by itself:

Exceptionally compact yet remarkably capable – especially with respect to its real-time performance – it is fast, features great communication options, and comes with easy to operate hardware and software. But there's more to it than that:

The SIMATIC S7-200 Micro PLC has a consistently modular design – for customized solutions which are not too large for the present but open-ended enough to be expanded anytime in the future. All this makes the SIMATIC S7-200 Micro PLC a highly effective and economical solution for automated control in the compact performance range.
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Signal modules    
SIMATIC S7-200 is designed as a consistently modular system. It provides you with a modular system with expansion modules which can be scaled to suit your requirements. There are expansion modules from 4/4 to 32/32 I/Os, analog modules from 4/0, 8/0, 0/4 up to 4/1 I/Os, as well as performance modules for switching loads: 5A DC or 10A relays.    
Function modules    
SIMATIC S7-200 has a consistently modular design. In addition to expansion and communication modules, the modular system provides a range of specific expansions for temperature measurement, weighing technology and positioning.    
The SIMATIC S7-200 Micro PLC provides a full range of communication capabilities.
The integrated RS485 interfaces can be operated at data transmission rates from 1.2 to 187.5 kbaud:

            As system bus with up to 126 participants: Programming devices, SIMATIC HMI products and CPUs can be networked without a hitch. In pure S7-200 networks this is accomplished with the integrated PPI protocol. In a network composed of Totally Integrated Automation components, such as SIMATIC S7-300/400 or SIMATIC HMI, the S7-200 CPUs are integrated as MPI slaves.

            In the freely programmable mode up to 115.2 kbaud, with user-specific protocols such as ASCII (this supports interconnections with a modem, printer, barcode reader, PC, third-party PLC and any other device). Up to 32 SIEMENS frequency converters can be controlled without additional hardware by using USS protocol instructions.

A connection to a Modbus RTU network can be established via the Modbus protocol instructions.

Power Supply SITOP … 24V DC reliability – nonstop.    
Power up with maximum safety. With SITOP stabilized power supplies for 24V dc supply, you're sure of quality and reliability in industrial and building control systems. The switched mode power supply units cover standard requirements as well as highly sophisticated tasks, e.g. for supplying LOGO! and SIMATIC systems. The fanless switching power supply units take up only a small space for mounting on the DIN rail and offer security against voltage fluctuations, power failures, overloads and other safety hazards. With its unique spectrum of add-on modules, such as UPS, Redundancy, and Selectivity module, the ac/dc power supplies can even be used for complete, all-round protection.    
Human-machine interface for SIMATIC S7-200    
The Micro panel speaks the "language" of the SIMATIC S7-200 controller, which means that all contacts and variables can be read or set without the need for add-ons.

Whether you choose text display for simple applications, or graphics-capable touch or operator panels, our micro panel ensures that you have complete control of the machine-oriented HMI.
Software for SIMATIC S7-200 controllers    
Engineering Software STEP 7-Micro/WIN    
The STEP 7-Micro/WIN programming software features time-saving and powerful tools – and that means great cost savingsin your day-to-day work. Operation of the programming software is the same as standard Windows applications. Micro/WIN contains all the necessary tools for programming the entire S7-200 range of controllers. You have the powerful SIMATIC instruction set at your disposal and you can program in accordance with IEC 1131. A host of functions such as Trend Charts and wizards make programming even easier.

STEP 7 Micro/WIN is also used for configuring the text displays inside Micro Panel product range.

HMI-Software WinCC flexible Micro    
WinCC flexible Micro is the affordable engineering package specifically designed for configuring operator control panels related to the SIMATIC S7-200: OP 73micro and TP 177micro. Here are the highlights: simple and fast configuration with a user-friendly interface, pre-engineered graphic objects and intelligent tools, as well as multilingual capability. The download requires the S7-200 PC/PPI cable. It's just as easy to use the Compact, Standard or Advanced versions of WinCC flexible.    
Communication Software PC Access    
S7-200 PC Access is the OPC server for S7-200 target systems. It supports the cost-effective and progressive processing and visualization of data from the SIMATIC S7-200 automation system with standard Windows applications such as Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Excel. S7-200 PC Access is certified by the OPC foundation for use with all OPC standard clients.

As an OPC server, the tool provides the capability of reading and writing S7-200 data with any OPC client. As an OPC client, it can be used with HMI software packages. An interface for visualizing up to 8 connections supports time- and cost-saving configuration, programming and monitoring via PC Access.
Fast access is also provided by different expansion modules. The CP 243-1 IT Internet module simply and comprehensively links the PLC to different computers via FTP. The CP 243-1 Ethernet module supports fast access to S7-200 data for storage and processing. And the configuration support of STEP7-Micro/WIN ensures simple commissioning and convenient diagnostics.
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