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       STEP 7 Engineering Software
STEP 7-Micro/WIN for S7-200
Expanding your WinCC basic system   STEP 7 Basic
Get SIMATIC WinCC tailored to your requirements. WinCC options are evidence of the modular expandability and the universal application of WinCC which is the core for a whole range of different applications. The WinCC option packages are produced in the context of WinCC development. As the basic WinCC software they are supported by the technical advisory service and the central hotline.   STEP 7 Professional
         HMI System SIMATIC WinCC flexible
    WinCC flexible Engineering Software
Options for scalable plant configurations WinCC flexible Runtime Software
for the implantation of multiple-user solutions with up to 32 clients. In a distributed system, the application
can be distributed by function or by plant segment to up to 12 servers.
  WinCC flexible Options
         SCADA System SIMATIC WinCC
WinCC/Central Archive Server
for setting up scalable, central process data archiving with up to 120,000 archive tags based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005..
  WinCC Options

WinCC/Web Navigator 
allows you to visualize and operate your plant via the Internet or your companys Intranet or LAN without needing changes in the WinCC project. Using Thin Client solutions, you can also link robust local equipment and mobile clients.

  WinCC Add-ons
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Options for increasing availability E-mail Friend
Parallel operation of two single-station systems or servers to ensure data consistency in safety-related applications. Should a malfunction occur, clients can be automatically switched to the intact server.
Adds diagnostic capabilities to the process visualization system. ProAgent is fully integrated in the SIMATIC diagnostic concept and optimized for the SIMATIC S7-300 and S7-400
SIMATIC Maintenance Station
Visualizes maintenance information from the automation systems of a plant. From the controller, through the network components, to switching, protective and control devices and the drives.
Options for Plant Intelligence  
for displaying and evaluating current process status conditions and historical data on any office PCs using Internet- capable standard tools
WinCC/Connectivity Pack and WinCC/Connectivity Station
for accessing historical data of the WinCC archive system via OPC HDA or OLE-DB and for transferring/acknowledging messages via OPC A&E
enables linking to external databases, office applications and IT-systems via OLE-DB and OPC DA by employing a configurable standard software
for detecting and analyzing in machine-oriented or line-oriented production facilities in order to derive Key Performance Indicators of a plant
Options for SCADA Expansions  
WinCC/User Archives
allows the application of user archives, in which related data is stored in data records. WinCC and its automation partners (e.g. a SIMATIC S7 PLC) can write to these data records and exchange them among one another.
WinCC/Calendar Scheduler
supplements WinCC by a calendarbased HMI in the style of Microsoft Office for simple and reliable scheduling of events and actions
Options for tracking and validation  
is for monitoring changes in operator activities in runtime operation as well as for recording project changes at the engineering stage with the help of Audit trails and Project Versioning
is a subset of WinCC/Audit to track changes of a WinCC project during Engineering including document management and project versioning.
for a central, cross-plant user management, integrated in Windows User mangement providing various security mechanisms on administrator and user level. Starting with WinCC V7 SIMATIC Logon is part of the WinCC basic software.
Options for batch processes  
offers a solution for the implementation of batch processes in the process industry. SIMATIC BATCH for WinCC is offered as a bundle that includes both the SIMATIC BATCH as well as the WinCC components.
Options for System expansion  
uses ActiveX technology for process visualization. Configuration wizards make it easier to generate your own standard presentations.
WinCC/ODK (Open Development Kit)
describes opened programming interfaces which can be used to access data and functions of the configuration and runtime system.
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