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   General performance
       SINAMICS G110 chassis units
The flexible converter for positining tasks comprising extensive safety functions.
         SINAMICS G120 chassis units

In order to perform the highly complex applications in mechanical engineering and plant construction, machine axes must be quickly positioned in a convenient and exact manner. If you wish to get out the positioning task from the higher-level machine controller, the drive must have this function. This is exactly the task of the SINAMICS S110 with its integrated single positionier (EPos). If you wish to use it as a speed axis, you can predefine setpoint values for the S110 via an analog input or fieldbus interface (Profibus, CAN, Profinet (available soon)). Furthermore, it can activate comprehensive integrated safety functions via on-board safety terminals without complex additional circuits. As a modular single-axis drive with servo functionality, it covers the performance range from 120 W (1AC 230V) to 90 kW (3AC 400V). Preferably synchronous servo motors equipped with encoder, but also induction motors with/without encoder can be operated with SINAMICS S110.

         Chassis units SINAMICS G130
         Cabinet units SINAMICS G150
     High performance
         Basic servo drive SINAMICS S110
         Built-in system SINAMICS S120
         Cabinet units SINAMICS S150
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SINAMICS G110 offer an economical drive solution which can be matched to the respective customer    
requirements by a wide range of components and options.    
SINAMICS S110 - convenient and economic positioning
        Flexible and economic through comprehensive I/O configuration, on-board safety terminals and different interfaces (fieldbuses, analog)
        Convenient commissioning through electronic rating plate in DRIVE CLiQ motors and
through convenient commissioning using STARTER
        Convenient connection to higher-level controllers through standard communication blocks and
through Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)

SINAMICS S110 – performance range  
Voltage and performance range:*  0,12 - 0,75 kW at 1AC 200...240 V,
0,37 - 90 kW at 3AC 380...480 V
Open-loop control / closed-loop control:
Servo control (speed, position)
* depending on the device version
More detailed technical data are provided on the right side above Technical Info --> Technical Overview
SINAMICS S110 – typical applications  
Handling units, medical technology (e.g. examination tables), feeders and delivery devices, trackers (e.g. solar panels), tool changers, stacking units, automatic assembly machines, laboratory automation    

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