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The drive solution for sophisticated single drives with high power output ratings
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SINAMICS S150 cabinet units have been designed for variable-speed drives in machine building and plant construction. They are particularly suitable for use with variable-speed drives with high requirements regarding dynamic response and speed accuracy, frequent braking cycles with high braking energies, and four-quadrant operation.

SINAMICS S150 offers high-performance speed control with high accuracy and dynamic response.

The cabinet units are available for an output range from 75 kW to 1200 kW.

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         Cabinet units SINAMICS S150
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SINAMICS S150 is used wherever maximum requirements exist for process sequences with dynamic and reproducible procedures, e.g.    
        Test bay drives
        Elevators and cranes
        Cross cutters and shears
        Conveyor belts
        Cable winches
Customer benefits and important features
        Regenerative feedback as standard, therefore unrestricted four-quadrant operation possible
        Significant energy savings, particularly with frequent braking cycles
        Highly exact and highly dynamic mains supply through use of IGBTs; robust in the case of line voltage fluctuations
        Injection of almost sinusoidal line current through fast current control
        An innovative clean power filter means that low-frequency reactions on the system are almost negligible. Losses in the low-voltage distribution and/or mains transformer and in the power supply line resulting from harmonic currents are therefore also avoided
        Possibility for compensation of reactive power (inductive or capacitive)
        Maximum servicing friendliness with easy accessibility to all modules
        Problem-free interfacing into automation solutions using a standard PROFIBUS interface and various analog and digital interfaces
        Increase in plant availability through easy, fast replacement of individual modules and power components
        Simple start-up and parameterization using interactive menus on the user-friendly AOP30 operator panel with LCD display incorporating graphics capability and plain text display.  
SINAMICS S150 are ready-to-connect converters in a standard control cabinet.

A comprehensive range of options permits adaptation to the respective requirements.

Different designs permit the power supply and motor connections to be located at the top or bottom. This results in high flexibility for the plant installation.

They are available with cabinet widths from 1400 mm upwards in intervals of 200 mm. The standard degree of protection of the cabinets is IP20. It can be optionally extended up to IP54.

The user-friendly AOP30 operator panel is fitted as standard in the cabinet door.

Technical specification SINAMICS S150  
Electrical data  
Supply voltages: Output ranges:
380 to 480 V 3AC
660 to 690 V 3AC
110 to 250 kW, up to 800 kW
(available soon)
75 to 315 kW, up to 1200 kW
(available soon)
Supply systems TN/TT or IT
Line frequency 47 to 63 Hz
Output frequency 0 to 300 Hz
Control method Vector control with and without encoder, or V/f control
Fixed frequencies 15 fixed frequencies plus 1 basic frequency, programmable
Skipped frequency bands 4, programmable
Customer terminal block Digital inputs/outputs
Analog inputs/outputs
Inputs for motor temperature evaluation
Variable number
Communications interface PROFIBUS DP as standard
Braking mode 4-quadrant operation possible as standard
Software functions Smooth connection of converter to rotating motor
Kinetic buffering
Automatic motor identification for control optimization
Programmable ramp-up/down times
Ramp smoothing
Protection functions
Undervoltage, overvoltage, earth fault, short-circuit, stall prevention, thermal motor protection, thermal converter protection
Safety functions STO, SS1
Suitable motors Induction motors
Conformity CE
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