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Scope of Supply

We supply completed or partial turnkey electrical projects to our clients as the following services:

Technical Assessment
Engineering and application software
Supply of equipment: transformer, switchgear, motors, main and auxiliary panels/switchboard
Supply of variable speed drives
Supply of integrated automation systems
Installation and engineering
Commissioning of the installation
Maintenance, training, spare parts, documents and other customer services


The engineering of each Project, in general, includes the elaboration of lay-out drawings, electrical diagrams, functional descriptions, and technical project documents. Based on the documents supplied by the Client we elaborate the following:

Project guide/location of components
Basic data (Planning/ Description/ Manuals)
Single line diagram
Electrical drawings and diagrams/equipment layout
Lists of terminal strips/materials/cables
   Installation drawings/ basic documents, layout, main /earthing network cable routes
Instrumentation Drawings (Sensors, etc.)
Application software (PLCs /HMIs / Level 1-2)
Technical documentation and users manuals

Supply of equipments  

Electrical equipment and power distribution: This section covers supplies of power distribution and auxiliary power supply equipment, including:

Outdoor substation, including: Medium voltage cells,power transformers, power factor correction
Low voltage distribution cells
Completely equipped Control Cabinets.

Drives system  

The fixed speed motors are controlled by switching
equipment and corresponding protections. The MCCs (Motor Control Centers) can be of fixed, draw-out or of block construction.

The variable speed motors are controlled by digitally controlled torque and speed power semi-conductors. According to the characteristics of the motors different technologies are applied:

DC Motor: thyristor converters
AC Motor (SCIM): LV or MV AC Drives.

Process automation  

This section covers the most essential and basic level in the industrial process automation pyramid and includes the following control systems :

Logic and sequential control systems PLCs
Remote I/Os units, for field data acquisition
Local communication networks (Profibus DP, Ethernet,etc.)
Industrial communication networks type Ethernet (cable, F.O.)
Operation and display systems HMIs
Engineering station
System for the acquisition of data in real time (data logger)
Cabinets for auxiliary power supply and distribution
Local control desks and boxes
Field devices and sensors.


To execute our installations we normally rely on our subcontractors, who specialize in electrical installations and coordination with our supervision.


The engineering definition, equipment lay-out, software elaboration control, factory tests and installation are the first phases of an installation that have to be executed prior to commissioning.

Our project team with knowledgeable of all the
installation’s details, executes the last phase of project using the most advanced supervision and configuration tools. This way the different parts that make up the process are tested and validated within an optimum time.

The function tests carried out at the factory, together with its software validation, guarantee optimum quality commissioning.

The close collaboration with the Client, during the development phase of the project, make it possible to execute a smooth and fast handover of the installation to the owner.

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