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Photovoltaic Inverter
  Photovoltaic Inverter
String Box
       Solargate PV7
The String Box Solargate enables the parallel connection of the panels strings that form the PV array.

The current of each string is measured through a transducer and any anomaly is detected by the monitoring system, this makes possible the panels problems rapid identification.

Each box has a surge protection for to protect the photovoltaic inverter and an output circuit breaker, that makes easy the maintenance operations in total security.

The box is made in polyester and reinforced with glass fibre, is IP65 rating, for to protect the operator and the internal equipment. It is suitable for mounting on the wall.
       Solargate PV8
       Solargate PV9
       String Box
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On demand are available:  

String box for current string greater than 8A
Double multi-contact connectors (subdivision of section)
Under load output circuit breaker, with coil-release current launch or minimum voltage and signalling intervention contact

 Technical details  
String fuses: N.2 for every string
Max. input current. (IPV, max): 8A
PV voltage range: 740V (Series 7), 880V (Series 8) 1000V (Series 9)
String cable connections: Multi-Contact connectors MC4 or Terminal block
String cable sizes: 1,5 ÷ 10 mm2
Output cable max sizes: Up to 35 ÷ 120 mm2
Ground cable size: 25 ÷ 35 mm2
Anti-reverse current diodes: optional
Overvoltage protection: Yes (with varistors)
Surge arrester status contact: NC [1,5 mm2 ]
Circuit breaker status contact: NC [1,5 mm2 ]
DC overvoltage protection: Yes (surge arresters)
Protection degree: IP65
Operating temperature range: – 25°C +50°C
Relative humidity: 0 ÷ 95%
Altitude: 1000 m above sea level
Anti-theft alarm: optional
Data communication: Modbus RTU
Power Supply: 55V (-15, +30%) 750mA
Analog inputs: N.2 0-10V / 4÷20mA, N.2  0-10V / PT100
Digital inputs: N.4+2 (4 programmable, 2 for the Anti-theft alarm)
Digital outputs: N.2 relay with contact NO-C-NC (max 2 A 250 Vac)
Power supply for external sensors: 40 mA max
Color: RAL 7036 Gray
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