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Synchronous machines
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VR MASTER - JEUMONT Electric offers a wide range of generators for steam, gas, hydro-electric turbines drive and Diesel or gas engines.  
These generators have frequencies of 50 to 60 Hz and voltages of 6 to 20 kV.    
The power rating of the industrial generators offered by JEUMONT Electric ranges from 10 to 80 MW. The power rating of hydro-electric generators ranges up to 150 MW, whereas the limit for Diesel generators is set by the drive engine (# 30MW).
The polarities range from 2 to 44 poles for fossil fuel generators and up to 100 poles for hydro-electric applications. For some applications such as board electric generation in Marine, Jeumont Electric can supply machines from 1 MW.  
Our products comply with international standards: IEC, IEEE, NEMA, API.  
The synchronous motors produced by JEUMONT Electric are :  
    2 poles motors that are generally aimed for a drive at variable speed that can reach 8000 rev and power rating of 4 to 40 MW  
    Slow motors (large number of poles)  
Stators :  
    Manufactured from low loss magnetic laminations. The standard insulation of the windings is Class F with class B for temperature rise; the windings are vacuum impregnated under pressure either in epoxy resin or made using pre-impregnated technology  
    For Oil & Gas applications (Total, Exxon, BP, Shell...), JEUMONT Electric has qualified and supplied many machines for use in Hazardous Zones and which are therefore Eexn, Eexp or ATEX accredited, with or without the necessary instrumentation according to the specific needs of the customer  
Rotors :  
    Cylindrical or salient poles construction  
Excitation :  
    Brushless or slip ring and brush (static) type, with easy access for maintenance purposes  
JEUMONT Electric’s products offer great flexibility for use and interfacing with all types of Gas Turbine or Steam Turbine on the market (GE, NP, RR, P&W, Siemens, Alstom, …) or with diesel engines (MTU, MAN, Wartsilä, …).  
VR MASTER - JEUMONT Electric can supply its machines separately or as part of a package including gear box and noise-proof housing. Our machines are air-cooled with water or air cooled heat exchangers.  
Electronics of the automatic voltage regulation (AVR) system  
digital voltage regulator designed by Jeumont (JIREN) and selected by EDF for the renovation of its nuclear power plants  
voltage regulator adapted to the customer’s needs (for example equipment supplied by BASLER or GE (EX2000))    
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