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The TD 100C is the smallest and most affordable HMI device for the SIMATIC S7-200. In addition to the display of alarm texts, it enables interventions in the control program (e.g., setpoint value changes) or the setting of inputs and outputs.

The depiction and size of the keys can be individually configured on the touch-sensitive surface of the device

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SIMATIC ET 200M is the modular I/O station for the control cabinet with high density-channel applications. Connection to PROFIBUS and PROFINET is achieved using interface modules – optionally for PROFIBUS also using fiber optic cables. The ET 200M can be used for standard as well as failsafe applications.Up to 12 multi-channel signal modules (e.g. 64 digital inputs) and function modules as well as S7-300 communications processors can be used as I/O modules – the interface to the process. ET 200M supports modules with expanded user data, e.g. HART modules with HART minor variables. In addition to proven connection techniques the ET 200M offers the insulation displacement method Fast Connect for easy wiring.
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Area of application

The TD 100C is suitable for simple operating tasks with the SIMATIC S7-200 PLC; for the use in very cramped space conditions at the machine.

       Especially low-priced and space-saving
       Optimal adaptation to the operational environment through configurable device surface
Design and functions

The TD 100C is simply connected to the PPI interface of the S7-200 via a connection cable, which is available as an accessory. A separate power supply is not necessary. It is also possible to connect multiple TDs to an S7-200.

The configuration data of the TD 100C is stored in the CPU of the S7-200. The alarm texts and configuration parameters are created with the programming software STEP 7-Micro/WIN V4. Additional parameterization software is not needed.

The control elements of the device front as well as the design can be individually put together on a printable sheet. The corresponding configuration takes place with the Keypad Designer (part of STEP 7-Micro/WIN)

Technical data    
Display  4- line LC-Display (reflecting)
Resolution  12 or 16 characters/line (chinese 8 characters/line)

Control elements

 up to 14 freely configurable function keys
User memory  depending on the S7-200 CPU
Interfaces  1 x RS 485
Degree of protection  IP 65 front when mounted, IP 20 rear
Installation cutout  82 x 69,5 mm (Wx H)
Front panel  90 x 76 mm (Wx H)
Depth  36 mm
Configuration software  STEP 7 Micro/Win V4
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